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What is a hassle-free hog raising program?

This program allows people from major cities and from overseas to get involved in hog raising. Those who participate in such program are called Urban Hog Raisers (UHR).

How can I be a UHR?

You can be a UHR through purchasing our organic piglets. For further information, please visit our offices and/or call our hotline numbers. For a list of offices and contact numbers, go to Contact Us tab.

What process do I undergo to become a UHR?

A. Fill out registration form.

B. Payment.

C. Receipt of Memorandum of Agreement and voucher.

Can I have my Memorandum of Agreement notarised?

Yes, as per buyer’s request with 1% notarial fee of the gross trade/buy-back price.

How and when will I receive my Memorandum of Agreement?

You can receive your Memorandum of Agreement and voucher within 7 to 14 days upon payment through your given personal email or via LBC.

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For further information, please visit our offices and/or contact us.


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